Eastern has a new email policy designed to save time, money and paper. In the past, a lot of official university communication traveled via snail mail, requiring paper, ink and postage. Now Eastern wants all official communication to travel via email, which will cut down on the cost of supplies and remove the extra time snail mail takes to arrive. Check out what this means for you below.

Students: Eastern now expects you to check your student email account on a regular basis. Your professors, advisers and all other university employees are going to communicate with you via your student account. This means you can't use your Gmail, Yahoo or other email accounts for university communication anymore.

Faculty and staff: Eastern requires you to communicate with your students, co-workers and outside agencies or people through your university email account. You can still use another personal email account for personal emails, but university communication must be through university email accounts. Eastern expects you to check your university email on a regular basis. You can expect your students to check their email regularly, meaning improved communication with them.

Some fine print: You should be aware that emails sent via university accounts may be considered public records and may be subject to disclosure under state or federal law.

Eastern wants its community to use its secure and dependable email system so official communications can remain secure and dependable. This policy lets the Eastern community communicate in a faster, cheaper way that still maintains Eastern's integrity.

Click here to read the official policy.

Click here to read Eastern's Code of Ethics for Computing and Communications.

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